About me

David Göschl

People are my focus! Only through good cooperation between therapist and patient can you achieve a lastingly good result. That is my deep conviction.

From watchmaker to physiotherapist

Born and raised in in Lower Austria, in the Mostviertel, I completed my first professional training as a watchmaker in 2005. The profession of watchmaker has many qualities and I have always valued my years as a watchmaker. What I was missing during this time, however, was a “togetherness” with other people and the feeling of contributing added value to society.

For this reason, I started my training as a physiotherapist and completed it with honors in 2019 as part of a bachelor’s degree at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (in Puch/Urstein). I then worked at the Bad Vigaun rehabilitation center, where I was able to gain valuable practical experience. 

Looking at the whole person is very important to me in my work as a physiotherapist. Time and an appropriate framework plays an important role, especially when it comes to physical and health-related problems. With the aim of having more time and attention for my patients and therefore being able to offer everyone individual therapy, I decided in 2020 to continue my professional path as an independent physiotherapist.

With a view to holistic therapeutic success, if necessary, I also refer my patients to therapists who may offer other/additional forms of therapy, as well as specialist doctors.

For me it was an exciting journey to change from one career to what seemed to be a completely different one. However, if you look more closely, what was important to me back then is not that different from what is important to me today. Back then, I wanted to ensure that watches worked properly again and that the watch owner could rely on them. Today, it is important to me that people can move properly again and be able to rely on their bodies.